All about Sustainable Community Living and the Country Lifestyle.  This is also throwing a net out there to see if we might find another few families to join us in building a life of THRIVING no matter what!

Forming a Community of like-minded, kind people who desire extended-family and fun fellowship.

After having already prepared a sustainable retreat in our home country, we have discovered after many years, there is one huge aspect missing.  Enormously important – it was overlooked at first, thinking it would just “happen”.  But, it didn’t.  What is this all-important vital life-giving ingredient to a successful sustainable piece of equipped property?  PEOPLE who are like minded, spiritual, and kind.  People who would love to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with brothers and sisters building a beautiful life together – communication with open-hearted honesty in love.   We are currently just two households.

If you strongly believe that our Creator, and His Son should be the personal LIGHT guiding each one as an individual…And, you would love to have others to gather with — either in a physical place doing building a sustainable community, or, only via the internet, contact us.

No matter what happens in this world, a group of people who form a brotherhood based on walking with Yahshua (Hebrew name) the Savior, can operate from a position of strength and personal empowerment.

More details upcoming.  Remember this blogging thing is new to me.



  1. Hi Carolyn, how nice of you to tag me 🙂 However, I don’t know 11 other bloggers. Maybe 5 or so. What do I do? Answer the quiz and tag 5? Hum…
    Thank you though. Teresa

  2. Teresa I think that is a great idea…. As Dolly from allaboutlemon said (Dolly started the tag) if you don’t abide by the rules of the tag you won’t be sent to your bedroom or anything awful like that… (she is such a fun girl)… so, yes…. If I were you I would answer the quiz and tag as many as you wish….. 😉 and Have Fun….!! 🙂

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