If you think, as we once did, that all it takes to form a sustainable place for you and your family is stockpiling goods of all kinds, IT IS A BIG MISTAKE.

In many cases, the people who “thought of everything” missed the true heart of “THRIVING NOT JUST SURVIVING”.

No one can thrive in the midst of social chaos and collapse with just a bunker near a cave, stored food, and guns. Notice that I did NOT say you couldn’t survive. I said you couldn’t THRIVE. There’s a big difference.

Sure, of course, on this blog we can discuss heirloom seeds, growing your own food, raising chickens, goats, etc. along with what is your favorite farm rifle. But, if that’s ALL we do, we haven’t even begun to THRIVE.

Existence is one thing. Survival is great. But, THRIVING is full of joy, happiness and laughter no matter what comes.

That is the reason why we talk about spirituality, a personal relationship with the Creator, communication, brotherhood, and service.

These golden threads can take a group of people from surviving to genuinely being contented and happy — regardless of what goes on “out there”.

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