Due to the recent harsh cold weather which has destroyed crops around the world, and the uncertain times we live in, we’d better get busy now preparing to feed ourselves and others. Chuck and Carol have developed a highly workable model that is easily replicated.”

Chuck Waibel of Milan, MN, tell us about his small CSA (11 families) and their small greenhouse where he and his wife Carol raise produce all winter long. In the summer they garden outside, but in the fall, winter and spring they raise a large amount of green veggies which they sell to their CSA families. Their greenhouse is a lean-to style built into the back of their garage which they designed and built after 3 years of research into how to do it right.

Chuck said that 6 such greenhouse operations could feed the entire town of Milan. He envisions similar local operations all around the state and country which would be a part of renewed local food systems.

He and Carol have written a book called “The Northlands Winter Greenhouse Manual: A Unique Low-Tech Solution to Vegetable Production in Cold Climates.” Their website is where you can order the book or get it from Barnes and Noble.

Greenhouses can be built attached to house or garage.  Even old metal carport frames can be used.  Raised beds with pvc hoops and plastic can extend your growing season.  BE PREPARED.  God bless you.


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