Tongue-in-Cheek Tips

*  Drunk chickens are easier to catch.

*  If your rooster has really deadly backclaws, walk softly and carry a big stick

*  Raccoons are not the cute little critters you always thought they were

*  If eggs are gathering from free-range hens, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT crack one into your pancake batter!

*  Rotten eggs float in a pan of water

*  Your neighbor’s dogs are your enemy

* Do not believe the Feed Store can actually “sex” chickens.  All those females you ordered will be at least half roosters

*  Roosters do NOT lay eggs!

*  Winter months – No light in hen-house = No eggs in nest

*  Do not assume hens will lay eggs in those beautiful nesting boxes you made…Watch where you step!

Nearly all of this sage advice was NOT in the Raising Chickens book!  Some of these secrets not even found on the internet.

Here’s hoping you have some good laughs today.

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