Goat’s Milk – Yum

We have a neighbor up the road who knows enough about goats to fill a large book.  His experiences have produced his own “goat philosophy”.  The milk from Nubians is so sweet tasting and good.  Well, it is IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FEED THEM PROPERLY.

Anyway, I was just sitting there with a nice fire going in the woodstove, sipping my latte’ and thinking “This is so good”.  Made me want to share it with you.  Fresh ground beans from Central American Indians, local thick honey, a touch of vanilla (just a touch, mind you), and fresh goat milk warmed to 140 degrees with the steamer.  Add it all up and it is better than anything I’ve ever tasted at any Espresso place — bar none.

Stay Warm and Stay Happy!  🙂

P.S. Can anybody help this new blogger understand how to place photos in the article?  Got a great picture of a goat.



7 comments on “Goat’s Milk – Yum

  1. Wow and I thought I was the only person on this planet that used goats milk in my lattes. It’s amazing how many people cringe when you offer them some of your fresh goats milk. You’d think they were looking at chicken drops or something instead of the healthiest little drink on the planet. Sheesh my own son looks like he’d swallowed a pint of white vinegar every time I offer it to him.

  2. I agree, Mishsayah–it’s amazing how many people seem horrified by goat’s milk. When I farmed on Whidbey Island, a neighbor down the street raised goats and I would get a weekly supply of fresh, raw goat’s milk from her. It was delicious! Admittedly, I’m a fan of the extra fat in cow milk, but I still really loved that goat milk. It was sweet and fresh and a decidedly different experience, I suspect, from what many people who aren’t familiar with good, fresh goat’s milk are expecting.

    Anyway, that latte sounds absolutely delicious. Wish I had one right now.

    • Yeah Joel that how it works with us too, got a neighbor down the road that delivers 3 gallons a week. I never used to drink that much cows milk. Too much phlegm. Yeah the fresh eggs are great too.
      You’re right the lattes are over the top. Rich and creamy, it really brings out the flavor. Most folks think I make the best lattes in town, course at this point I only tell them it’s the goats milk if they ask.

  3. 3 gallons a week! That’s quite a lot of milk. Have you done any cheese making with it? I absolutely love chevre–have been wanting to learn to make that.

    Also, here’s the WordPress help page for inserting images into a post:

    Perhaps you’ve already looked at that, but if not, hopefully that’ll help you get the process figured out. I do find their system a little weird and more complicated than necessary, but I’ve gotten used to it.

    • Thank you Joel. As you can see after you told me, I found the right button and began putting pictures on all my posts. Thanks again. Had my goat’s milk latte’ this a.m. and just about to have a large goat’s milk with raw eggs and a few suppliments thrown in. Kinda like vanilla egg-nog, sweet. Have a good year, and may you be happy.

    • Yeah I think we do, last week I ran out of G’milk so had to substitute C’milk in my latte, Yuk, no kidding I was and most of us I suppose too raised on C-milk and now I can’t stand it. Nothing like phlegm to keep you coughing up the ol’ Cmilk.

      I think I need a support group:)

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