"We come in peace. See my little trees."

ECUADOR SOUTH AMERICA – a really gorgeous country with lots of wonderful people.

What is so amazing is that our friends in Ecuador Gary and Linda have had the very same problem there with a neighbor woman and her sheep, that we have had with our neighbor and her so-called “free-ranging” goats.

Laughing heartily, and long, I read Linda’s post on “A Clash of Cultures” with the hilarious photos of her husband trying to mime and sign out his message.  The woman did not speak Spanish as she is Indian and speaks her own language.

Gary, the husband, attempts to communicate with the ancient indigenous sheep lady from the village that her sheep are ruining their newly planted trees. She smiles at him like she understands and returns the next day with her herd.

Same thing here where we live in the great Pacific NorthWest.  It is so laughable!  Even though we lost a few hundred dollars worth of trees out of our orchard.  Our neighbor just nodded and kept quiet.  I know she speaks English, but nothing coherent in my native tongue came out of her mouth.  Nothing but “free-range” and something garbled.  That law does NOT apply where there are fences, however.  But, it happened a lot of times, breaking our fences down even, or crawling under to eat anything in sight!

Well, being the “enlightened beings” we are, we chose NOT to shoot her or her goats 🙂

We did the only sane thing.  Repair the fences, and purchase shepherd dogs to guard the place.

I’m still laughing about both stories, and the irony of it all.

If you want to see a great website on Ecuador where Gary and Linda are building a small intentional community, go to



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