Intentional Communites are formed by those who have a common goal.  Some communities are formed by artists and musicians.  Some are based on organic farming, and growing food.  Others have spiritual goals included in their intentions.  The types of Communities formed are so varied and interesting.

To read about forming your own Community for Health, Sustainability, Survival or Thrival, plus a variety of spiritual objectives go to the following two websites.

The 2nd one has a directory that allows you to pinpoint any area you are interested in, in the U.S. or another country.

I’ve enjoyed looked at these along with their plans on how to succeed at what they’ve chosen.

Here is one such place in Belize just to give you an idea of something that looks like it was started for the purpose of selling lots.  I’m including it for the photos, info, and one viewpoint.

I really like the philosophy of this beautiful mountain farm/ranch in Costa Rica which has great stories and photos.  They really care and help the locals who include the Cabecar Indigenous people.  This place is only for the tough and hardy however.  Too many snakes for me!!!

The couple in Costa Rica bought their own mountain with over 20 waterfalls in the rainforest. Here is a picture of one of their rivers.  Explore outside this country – there are many beautiful places.  One might suit you.  Have a wonderful day!

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