Joel who left the comment on Chevre inspired me to look up the recipe for making it and here it is.  Thank you, Joel.  The following is from another lady, not myself personally.


It is VERY easy to make chevre but it takes a few days, you simply have to be patient.


We are using milk we pasteurized for this batch, we may go raw with the next batch.


We used a chevre starter from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, I can not recommend them highly enough.  All in one chevre starter.


This little packet is enough for one gallon of milk. This could not be easier, you just bring your milk up to (or down to as the case may be) to 86 F and sprinkle the starter in. Mix well and let culture at room temperature for 12-20 hours.


The curd sets up and excludes the whey.


You then slice it up a bit so that the mass of curd is broken up and more whey is excluded.


Remember that all of the equipment being used must be sterilized.


To read the entire article go to:


Her instructions were so simple along with pictures and molds.


For the lengthy discussion on chevre this 2nd website gives you the more detailed complicated version:



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