Realizing that in these uncertain times, there are many of you who have either lost your homes, or may be in danger of it.  Plus, there are those who live in the country, but have not been aware enough to prepare.  So, I’d like to recommend some reading for those who may be in really dire straights, and for those who are o.k. but could use some help evaluating their preparedness.  Another priority in preparedness is spirituality and I’m not talking religion or denomination.  Just saying talk with the Creator PLEASE.  Your style, your way. Ok?

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery  has a huge amount of useful information. Her summary on chickens really helped me to keep it simple.

How To Survive The End of the World as We Know It – Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies and Uncertain Times by James Wesley Rawles.  This book is full of ideas, and ways to set up a homestead that is stocked and secure.  He is very practical.

For alternative building:  Shelter and Home Work by Kahn many great ideas, pictures, and drawings.  Plus, living mobile in anything from a Gyspy Wagon, to an RV, and even vans.  We know someone who made it through a northern winter in his car with t.v. and laptop!!!

Also, there are blogs on building free, or nearly so, like with photos of his homemade little earth domes which he calls Gnome domes.  We traveled to his place, looked at his work, and loved those domes.  They are sturdy “free-style” structures, as well as comfortable.  Granted, we are talking small.  But, small is better than the car, or nothing.  His gnome domes are built wikiup style.  With cozy, comfy, warm atmosphere.  Here’s a photo below taken in one of his three domes.  You can see all the photos on Red Elk’s blog, and Ghost’s blog (listed below).

For a shoestring budget which is the next step up from free go to Ghost’s blog
Ghost and his wife have built an earth bag home on the AZ/Mexico border.  They lived in a storage building once also.  Learn from the stories, testimonies, and tons of information both from Ghost, and Red Elk.   Special thank you’s to Red Elk whose imagination always spurs me on.  He is definitely an “outside the box” thinker.  And, a real live “Country Character”.

Sure, not everyone viewing here is ready for this basic approach, but many are, and many will be.  It’s better to study now, gain the knowledge, and use it if and when you need to — if not for you personally, then, help others.

Another book:   Knowledge of the Ancestors Survival Skills by Ryan Leech This book includes building simple structures.

The really extensive blog that has oodles of information and a real estate section for those who are looking to move somewhere safe.   This link goes straight to talking about HAND TOOLS.  My advice is get some!

Subject areas include (in no particular order):

Disaster Preparedness (Both natural and man-made TEOTWAWKI)
Christianity (I hold to Reformed doctrine and am a Five Point Calvinist)
Contrarian Investing (with a strong “hard money” precious metals emphasis)
Survival Logistics (“Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids”)
Survival Tools–with a strong emphasis on firearms
Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping
Survival Retreat Locales
Evaluating Potential Retreat Homes and Parcels
Retreat Home Construction/Modification
Photovoltaic and Other Off-Grid Power
Christian Charity–both now and post-collapse
Small Unit Tactics
Retreat Security
Networking with Like-Minded Survivalists
The Second Amendment and firearms legislation
Wilderness Survival
Supporting our Troops–Tangibly
Rural Relocation and Self-Employment
Bartering and The Alpha Strategy
Survival Vehicles–Restoration and Modification
Fuel Storage and Alternative Fuels
Emerging Threats
Privacy and Encryption
Offshore Options
Quotes of the Day
Odds ‘n Sods

Enjoy and Learn.  Always think of someone who you could help too!

Blessings to you all, Teresa  p.s. Thanks to my friend from Greece! 🙂

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