Hey, I found a neat blog here at Word Press called WoolyWarm’s Farm.  She has posted some great tips, books to read and lots of photos on these topics.  Stop by her place and see what you can find of interest for yourself.

One of the neatest things we saw in South America was an indigenous woman in traditional garb walking along the dirt road spinning some wool with her small hand-held apparatus.  Similar to the one on WoolyWarm’s blog with her article Spinning Thorugh Winter & Choosing a Spindle. Her blog is

Her quote (just a teaser for you) “For details on this, and for a wonderful introduction to spinning in general, check out Spinning in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.  I also went with what is considered to be a pretty heavy spindle weighing in at 1.9 oz, as I had read that preparing thicker yarn with a bigger spindle is best in the beginning.”

To all you “Spinners” out there, happy winter wooly times.  Send me an article if you would like to share your experiences at spinning.  If you have a big wheel, please send photos.


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