Just thought it would be fun to feature a Community once in a while for your perusal.  Because I do NOT know any of these people personally, it isn’t a recommend, thumbs up, or thumbs down.  It’s just a “look-see” to see what’s going on out there 🙂

Did read a little about this guy enough to know he boards dogs, and has a high rating.  You can tell a whole BIG LOT about people in how they treat their animals!!!  That’s for sure.

This is from the Community Directory posted earlier:


We have a 16-acre ranch in Shadow Hills (San Fernando Valley), California, that we use to meet with people and invite them up to our 60-acre ranch and 10-acre farm in Tehachapi, California, where we have a cage-free dog business, livestock and grow our food. We are also looking to grow our membership. So contact Farmer Paul and learn how simple life can be. Come and stay for a visit. Help with the chores, harvest, and refresh yourself. Keep your job in LA and come on the weekends. Ride up on one of our shuttles. Or say goodbye to LA and move on in. We would love to here from you. God Bless.


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