Mike Adams in the previous posted article link also said this:

Are your current skills based in reality? Or fiction…

As you consider where to go in a time of crisis, think about where you are right now. Is your local community able to defend itself? Do you live among people who know how to repair cars, weld equipment, repair a rifle, clean fresh fish, grow vegetables, raise chickens and chop firewood? If not, you might want to think about relocating to a place where you live among some more capable people rather than the city-minded people who — let’s face it — live in an artificial reality that’s extremely fragile and won’t last but a few days in a true collapse scenario.

If your top skills today are things like: texting while driving, finding the best sales at Macy’s, and beating the level 12 boss on your Xbox video game, then you’re not likely to survive very long in a real crisis. Xbox skills, it turns out, do not translate into the real world. All those people who are currently experts at artificial skills need to think long and hard about picking up a few reality skillsthat might help them in the real world.

Mike Adams also talked about developing your emergency medical skills in that previous article posted.

BARTERING is part of country life, and will be the mainstay of family economics after the economy crashes.  Therefore, it behooves us all to develop our skills and make note of those we need to work on.

Skills needed like medical, animal care, fencing, growing and preparing food, people who can cut and style hair, weavers and spinners, sewing quilts – clothes – shoes, water systems, and so forth.  The photo below is a Depression Era family who made baskets to sell, or barter.

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