BIBLE READING – fruitless endeavor, or YOUR SEED CATALOG

While sitting with my Heavenly Father a day or two ago, He was showing me the Bible and holy writings like “Seed Catalogs”, or “Seed Packets”.  Most folks just get those catalogs out and start thinking about their spring planting.  But, there’s a lot of people who never get the seeds planted.

You all know how that goes….You reading about healing.   You ask for it.  You “confess it”.  You wait.  Oftentimes nothing happens.  You don’t understand.

That’s because it is just like reading the “Seed Catalog”, or the “Seed Packets” and expecting the produce to just appear.  Same thing.

Holy Writings, and Sayings are like that in that so many folks just read the information and go out expecting it to appear magically out of some ground somewhere. They throw the catalog, the Bible, back in its place, and just go on with life.  Then, they’re disappointed because nothing grew.  It all came in like a flood of images — natural gardening and seeds, along with spiritual images.  It was an amazing “video” I was watching.

So, sat down today and typed it up.  Has nothing to do with religious stuff, nor churches, nor denominations.  Just wondering why we were never taught to become GOD’S GARDEN!!!!!!!

If you would like to read the rest of the story, you may go to   and scroll down to “ARE YOU BECOMING GOD’S GARDEN?”

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