Just found a great buy on good old fashioned, non-gmo seeds.  Seeds you can grow good food from and save seeds from for next season.  So wanted to share it with you.  We bought 3 packets of the 30 variety pack and the PRICE was REALLY GOOD.  Found them on Ebay from a couple who live in Bixby Oklahoma.

The price turned out to be half on some and maybe a third off on others.  Not bad!  They call their store Survival Essentials.  Just sharing my bargain finds with you.

We have also purchased through Off The Grid newsletter, and once from

Seed Savers Exchange is a great place to find something like your Grandmothers favorite berries, or tomatoes, anything you remember from childhood, or the elders have told you about.

Exchanging seeds with trusted neighbors, gardeners, and farmers is great too.  All organic, of course.  No chemicals for this family.

Farmers are usually quick to share with you their Jerusalem Artichoke starts also.  This is a valuable plant for your garden.  Your chickens could live off this plant, and so could you.  It survives and thrives.  Beware that it has a tendency to “take over”.  It is not from Jerusalem, and not really an artichoke.  It is a highly nutritious tuber.

Wishing you success in your seed storage efforts.  Let us know your favorite place to find old fashioned seeds.

Here is what the tubers look like.



    • Have been to your website several times, and just loved it. Down to earth, full of information, and stories. Appreciate you and your blog. Plus, I’m a fellow Thrift Store aficionado 🙂

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