We are “hardwired” by our Creator to deeply respond to animals.  There’s a deep-rooted reason why we humans surround ourselves with dogs and cats and other animals. New research finds we are hardwired to respond to other critters.  The secret is buried deep in a very old part of the brain, called the amygdala, long recognized as the seat of emotional reaction. Scientists at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Los Angeles were able to measure brain activity in 41 persons on a cell-by-cell level and found that neurons in the amygdala became extremely active when participants were shown pictures of animals.

In addition, it’s not just humans that show their affection for each other – animals do it too!  We have personally experienced the full range of emotions around animals.  Strong grief, great love, smiles, humor, affection….all of them.

Gotta tell you something so funny. Our bird “Joe” was watching a movie with us, but we didn’t know he was watching at first. It was a spy spoof type movie, and the hero is on a motorcycle with his girlfriend – being chased by the herd of bulls going running along the streets in Spain. So, our bird gets a better view by hanging on the side of his cage, and starts yelling really loud at the screen where the bulls are running.  Joe is yelling “cha,-cha, cha, cha” ad infinitum as loud as he could.  You could clearly see he was hanging there facing the screen and getting all excited.  When we turned and saw him we just laughed and laughed so hard. It was hilarious. First time we’ve noticed he watches movies.

It is erroneously taught that animals do not have souls — with the churches, and religion, giving no comfort to those who have suffered the grief over the loss of a greatly beloved animal.  Without hope, the people who have been heartbroken over the loss of their animal companion are devastated with sorrow.  How cruel, and how false!





      • They sure do; as evidenced by ‘Lythgo’s’ telling story!

        Please feel welcome to request a ‘reflection’ for any animal (Horse Breed, etc.,); I love to do them. Lythgo aka Catherine has requested a reflection for the Australian Quarter Horse. I should get to that by early next week. After that are a few requests which will see out next week (at one per day). Anything to further the cause of highlighting the needs of our animal friends… and raising our attitudes toward them.

      • Hi Again, Carolyn Page. You are very kind to offer this. Had to ponder it for days because you have covered so many. But, I would say either a parakeet or a dove would be the one I would like to read. Can you let me know when its up?

        More computer jokes here: I keep clicking on follow to follow people’s blogs, but it has been a 50/50 tossup as to which one’s work and which ones don’t show up. Have done them all the same, so don’t know what’s wrong.

        I told my friend on his blog, that I must have passed up the “Geek Genes” this time around. 🙂

  1. Yes, I believe wholly and soully animals know much much more than they are credited for. In my experience as a young person I could tell if a person was good or not so good by the behaviour of my horse (Toby). I recall a time when I was 15 and a girl in my grade liked to win over me, in all manner of things. She did and I admired her for her talents and sometimes wanted to ask questions about the shinny braces in her mouth. I never did. I invited her to visit my home as she seemed a personable character.

    I introduced Toby to her and told her all the wonderful qualities about him, as he was my pride and joy. I gave her careful instruction on how to hold the reins and take things slowly. I legged her up and without waiting for a signal Toby proceeded very slowly to walk under a tree (sooo out of character).
    She lent backwards & the back of her head touched his rump (she was very flexible I thought) to avoid the debris. Very quickly, twigs embraced wires and she was hanging by her teeth. Toby continued moving forward without her. I still remember her arms & legs scrabbling for the ground and I somehow untangling her mouth from the scrub. She then landed safely on her feet.

    She declined the invitation to mount again. Sadly, or maybe not, our friendship faded following that visit. I am pleased I didn’t ask questions about the braces but I now know what Toby was leading me to believe

    • Great story, Lythgo, about your wonderful Toby. Could just picture that episode and “see” it my mind’s eye. Animals are so sensitive and when they don’t like someone, we two-leggeds would be wise to always make note of it. If our animals dislike someone, there is always a reason.

      Hope you come back and visit again. Do you have a blog? Could not find you on WordPress. Have a great year!

  2. Thank – you for enjoying the story Teresa . . .it’s funny but the girls name in the story was Teresa, only your the flip side of her personality. So true are your wise comments. Yes, I do have a blog that I am “customising” they call it. First time for everything! Happy New Year to you & we will visit again.

  3. Hi Lythgo, Thanks for your response. I love animal stories. Try reading “Horse Miracles”. It’s a little book with short 3 to 5 page stories of horses and their wonderful ways. Some of these stories are really far out, and just LOVE THEM!

    Tried to go to your blog today, and had to smile because I’m having my learning challenges doing this. For instance, widgets, which must be another word for “little devils”, and how to do a blog roll showing links you like. HA, HA. Didn’t work no matter how I did it.

    A friend, Steve, sent me links to videos so I could learn. When I get time, I’ll watch them and see how far I get 🙂 I’ll pass them onto you in case you want to watch them too. You’ll have to copy and paste these….Because I don’t know how to make them work – ha, ha again. 🙂



  4. My pleasure Teresa… They will be 7th & 8th on the list….

    I know what you mean about not being successful with following blogs. I too suffer the same syndrome..! Should you find out what’s going wrong I’d appreciate a ‘yoo hoo’ – I’ve looked into it however, I’m still none the wiser…!

  5. IF I learn how to fix it, I will shout YOO-HOO and a YIPPEE!!! 🙂
    Will watch on 7th or 8th, Carolyn. Thanks.

    • Hi Carolyn, YOO-HOO! Finally got the blog roll thing learned and posted on my spiritual blog. Anyhow, underneath dashboard is “New” and when you land on it, it pops out to the side and there is the last item “Link”. Just open that. We had to remove all of WordPress links that were “just there” and get a clean slate first. Hope that helps. Have a great day! Teresa

  6. Hi Terasa,

    Sorry I didn’t explain that too well….. I had six reflections to do and the parakeet and dove are now number 7 and number 8. I will actually get to them on the 17th & 18th (to be absolutely precise)….. !

    Yoo-Hoo and Yippee would be very welcome….!!!

    • Teresa – howdy, hope you’re doing fine…..

      I’ve just posted the Dove Reflection this morning… it was to be the Parakeet Reflection I was going to do first however, I found in my investigations that the Parakeet belongs to the Parrot Family. I have already completed the Parrot Reflection a few days ago; it was requested by someone else. So…… if you would like the Parakeet Reflection you will need to give me a more precise species like for instance; the budgerigar belongs to the Parakeet Family…… I still haven’t gotten around to that Yoo-hoo you sent me but, oh well, I’ll get there soon…. 😉

      • Hi Carolyn, I responded at the bottom of your dove posting, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!!! Blessings, Teresa

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