This is located in the heart of Brazil in the mountains called the High Chapadas, where Dr. Mark Sircus has built and is still building a beautiful, spiritual retreat.  While this may not appeal to everyone, I personally have enjoyed watching his progress, and reading his very helpful articles on holistic health and healing.

It is my desire to feature Community Living locations both inside and outside of this country to benefit the readers with knowledge of how they look, operate, and function — what their intention is.  We can all gain by seeing how others are building retreats.

There is more information and a slide show presentation located at Dr. Sircus’ blog

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In his own words… “Life does not get any better! I can hardly imagine ever leaving this paradise. Sanctuary is hidden behind two rivers that surround us on three sides. Behind us on the fourth side is a mountain, so we feel and actually are protected. When it rains the rivers rise and we are trapped in our heaven and I love that. Right behind and below the house are our Healing Gardens where we swim in the river and soak up the sun as we watch the water go by. I am still at least six months away from opening Sanctuary to the public because there is much to finish and debts to be paid. Right now I have the place to myself for the holidays so at this moment it’s my fortress of solitude. Actually I consider it as my fortress of light and castle of love. Sanctuary is a place where we will take care of hearts and souls. It is where my wife Luciana and I will attend to the deeper needs of people. Yes it will be a place for detoxification for it is pristine and a perfect place for retreat.”

His Requirements:  “Please only the most serious inquires are invited and we will carefully screen applications because we need to be extremely careful who we invite into our hidden valley. Translation – only heart-centered people will be considered!”

“Caring for people’s souls is usually relegated to the priests and pastors of the world but there is a tradition of Pastoral Medicine, which is defined as a system of health care that incorporates and attends the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects while only using natural substances for the treatment of disease in the body. I am a doctor of Pastoral Medicine.”

This is the featured place this time.  It is beautiful, obviously tranquil, and far “from the maddening crowd”.

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