“Walking RV”, or Survival Gear Carrier.  Great way to take a “Walkabout”.  The perfect “BugOut” bag.

To the best of my knowledge this ingenious idea originated with my friend Red Elk – whose mind is always thinking “outside the box”.  He named it the “Walking RV”.  Would be great for someone walking across country, for sure.

A single baby jogger with 3 wheels or a double “twin” baby jogger may be used to become an excellent carrier for anything from your “bug-out” bag, your camping equipment, small loads of firewood, or bags of animal feed.   The older you get the smarter you need to be about carrying heavy loads.  Carrying tools from site-to-site, like in fencing, would also work.

The single size can carry all the camping gear needed for one or two people including tent and sleeping pads.   Even with gear, radio, fold-up fishing rod, and slingshot there’s still plenty of room to add food, water, soap, toilet paper, etc.

The twin size, which we have, has two huge sleeping bags, a fairly large tent, packed bags, tools, water carriers, and more.  At probably 75 to 100 lbs.,  it turns on a dime.  On a smooth surface, it will turn with one finger on the handle to spin it.   Plenty of room for all camping gear for 3, maybe 4, people.

Yes, it is way OVER-LOADED, but I just had to do it, and see just how much stuff I could get on this thing.  It was FUN to just keep on packing it with things 🙂   Then, see how easily it could be moved over gravel, down the hill, and through the garage — all loaded up like that.  Cover with a small tarp and you are ready for the weather.  🙂

Cabela’s just came out with a baby jogger to carry guns and hunting equipment, which they named the Do-All Gun Buggy.  See it here Item # IK-230756.  The price for this single size at $149 is a bit high to me, and could be done cheaper with a used buggy.

These baby joggers can be found easily on at a much better price with most in excellent condition.  We found ours on CraigsList, a twin double jogger, for about $75 and a second one locally for less than $100 deluxe model.  There are also models which can be used like a cart pulled behind a bicycle.  We also looked at Thrift Stores locally.

You will want one with the big wheels around 16” in order to roll easily over rough ground.  Red Elk likes the front wheel stationary, but I like our swivel front wheel better.  We have one of each.

Red Elk says about his first walk with the jogger “Anyway, having fun.  Took this on a very short try-out.  (Mere yards).  This over large stones / gravel / dirt and side road. LIKE PUSHING N O T H I N G !!!  HAS to be a full 40 lb. load aboard! In short – a “Dream” to use.  BACK SAVER!”   He also brought out the idea of pulling these with a dog or large goat.  To see his full article on this with all his photos go to

A soft small solar panel can also be attached on top to gather power from the sun for radio, cell phone, or lap-top.  Red Elk calls this the “Walking RV”, great for campers, people who are living portably, or just taking a long walk.  Fishing in ponds or streams where you walk in, it would also be handy for hauling your cooler, lunch and all the tackle needed.

Whatever your needs are, think about it….Would a baby jogger help lighten your load?


  1. I’m not an outdoors girl, myself. I do like the comforts of home however; even a ‘curl up on the couch’ girl like me can see the very practical uses that so many of our ‘luxury’ items could be used for…. now just give me a few moments to think up a few… hmmmmm… ! 😉 Well maybe I’m not as ‘practical’ as I thought… 😉

  2. Hi Carolyn, Glad for your comments….we welcome all city girls 🙂 You can sure make me smile. How about this baby jogger idea for hauling laundry, groceries, or an artist easel, canvas and paints out to the local park? See — I just can’t help it. 🙂
    ha, ha.

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