CREATION PLACE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY is looking for others who share a common ground of faith, love and walking with the Creator, our Heavenly Father; Plus the desire to help build a Community together in these chaotic, troubled times upon the world.  The purpose of such a Community is for fellowship, fun, developing long-lasting deep relationships, while providing our own food, water, and shelter.

Survival is not really the main goal.  That is just a by-product of  spiritual people coming together in faith to build an enduring life.  A life that is more natural, growing food, raising animals…raising families too that care about each other…  A living moving support network for thriving in a life that is more dependent on the Creator and Maker of all things, and less dependent on the fragile society around us… to learn how to be free from the materialistic, debt-ridden way of life.

Whether that means we come together at our place, or yours.  Or, form groups locally, or, simply fellowship through the internet as best we can, we reach out to our brothers and sisters of like mind with not only the Country Life-Style, but a back-to-basics spirituality that is practical.

May our Heavenly Father lead you, guide you and direct you to His Secret Place spiritually, as well as placing you and yours in a safe place physically during these tumultuous days upon earth.

Bless you all who stop by to read, and may you find something to help you on your journey.

The Family at Creation Place



  1. Hi Friends-
    Ran across your blog after doing some research on intentional communities in Ecuador. From what I’ve read, it seems like you’re looking for families to join your group. If so, please drop me a line at your convenience. Joe

    • Hi Joe, welcome to the blog. Will write you today. Do you have more questions on Ecuador? Did you find intentional communities there? Have a wonderful day!

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